Secret Site

There’s a new site that’s been created to reveal things that can’t be posted here. Pictures, videos, recordings can be found there since this site has limits. Access will be granted by email only. If you want to know what is going to happen to Nicole, her family and her friends then that’s a good place to read. You can’t openly steal and do other criminal activities and hope to keep running without punishment. There is a very specific timeline detailing everything.

As for Cody. There’s no credible information to be found anywhere anymore. The people around him have kept everything limited. He has people answering his phone calls, screening his emails and even driving him around. He’s been seen with a very elite bunch of people who have a lot of political power. All the rumors about him being involved in things no one should know about appear to be true. Go to the secret site and watch the video of him at Waialae Country Club. It costs over $50,000 to be a member there per year.

My question is if Cody will stick up for Nicole anymore. That’s the only person who can save her from facing legal punishment from about a dozen people on Facebook who have claimed that she has either sold them stolen items or ripped them off through PayPal.

PayPal told them anyone asking to be paid via friends/family on there is a scammer. These people have named Cody as a witness to these acts of theft. And I’ll admit that I’m the person who gave them his name. Why did I do it? I want to see some drama unfold. Will Cody return the favor and screw Nicole over legally? Or will he refuse to be a witness in all the reports of her theft and mail fraud? It’s going to get exciting

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